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Her Sanctuary

Shannon Mallory was a woman on the run….not from outside forces but from her own wounded heart. When she pulled up into the parking lot of The Last Resort CafĂ©, in the town of Sanctuary, little did she know she would find the one thing she never even knew she was searching for….true love.Seth Proudfoot wasn’t looking for anything, except an end to his miserable existence. Accused of a crime he couldn’t remember committing, he was ostracized by a town that, ironically, bore the name of the one thing he could never find….Sanctuary.When the two meet, neither can ignore the magnetic pull between them, but will Shannon allow her damaged spirit to trust a man…a man who may have murdered his own family?Though Shannon is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, it is her spirit that breaks down the iron-clad shield around his heart. Their desire burns hotter than the Arizona desert, threatening to melt the very mountains that loom like silent Gods above their heads. But can their love survive a betrayal that could very well cost them both their lives?

Welcome to the world of Shannon and Seth. Follow as their love and passion ignite, burning hotter than the Arizona desert. Be with them as they fight the forces that threaten to tear them apart. Experience the healing that only comes from true love and exceptional courage. Rejoice with them as they unite a town that for so long has harbored deep hatred and prejudice. Fight with them as they endure a betrayal that may cost them their lives.

Her Sanctuary

Her Sanctuary
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Her Sanctuary

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book Review/Rabbit. Chasing Beth Rider

Rabbit: Chasing Beth RiderRabbit: Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C. Maze

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've been thinking about how to write this review all day. It's going to be very difficult to explain all the different reasons why I loved this book, but I'll try:

It's a totally new concept. The story is fresh and I didn't know what to expect. I was so pleasantly surprised that I could be surprised. I have this horrible habit of trying to guess the outcome of a book (I guess it's the writer in me), but the story of a race of vampires (Rakum) and their social structure, living amongst the human population, feeding from volunteers (cows). Some of them even develop emotional bonds with their "donors". Life for the Rakum has been privileged and spoiled for thousands of years. They take extremely beautiful women and use them as breeders to enlarge their numbers, raising the "pups", teaching them their ways.

If a Rakum becomes a traitor or a human threatens to expose them or put their way of life into danger, they are marked as "Rabbits". They go on the run, but because they have been marked, they live forever, therefore their punishment is eternal. They are hunted by the Rakum, caught, played with, tortured, until the Rakum become bored and set them free to be hunted by more Rakum. It is the ultimate punishment.

Enter Beth Rider: Author of a series of Paranormal Christian books where her vampire characters become Christians. She is marked as a Rabbit because her novels are bringing Rakum to Christ. She's not alone as she finds comrades in the most unexpected places, Rakum who are willing to die for her and her God. Oh and there's Michael Stone, the Rakum who doesn't understand her strong faith but nonetheless is inexplicably drawn to the beautiful Rabbit. It's a battle between good and evil that will leave you gasping in anticipation!

Ellen Maze's book kept me mesmerized. I didn't want to put it down and I can't wait for the sequel.

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  1. Wow. This is a beautiful review. Thank you so much :-)